August 3, 2017
2 years, 1 Month and 20 days since
our celebration.
Welcome to the Dixon/Wilson/Muhammad 2017 reunion website! Please check back often updates for our reunion set for August 3-5, 2017 in the greater Los Angeles area. The commitee is working hard to make sure the reunion is a sucess, please check out the "Details of Events" tab for the itinerary. Looking foward to the wonderful memories we will create as a family!
With Love,
The Reunion Commitee

A Family Reunion
is a time to remember,
a time to laugh, a time to celebrate
a time to share old stories and make new memories

A time to see each other
in the faces all round us
and find reflections in ourselves 
in hearts both young and old.

A reunion is a coming together
that strengthens the bond of family
and reminds us of the gift
of belonging.

A chance to share our history.
A reason to celebrate our past.
A time to welcome our future...
As a family.

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